Aren't Grandmothers Great?

Who hasn't had the experience of sitting in the kitchen watching

(or helping!) your grandmother cook or bake? 

For me it was helping her bake. She had her specialties: peanut butter cookies, doughnuts, pan bread, sugar cookies, and a Norwegian flat bread called Lefse. That time in the kitchen with her has created many wonderful memories. The warmth of the kitchen, the quiet focus of mixing, rolling, baking. I loved the process of it all.  And in the end, something delicious to eat and share. I was hooked.

And now after 50 years in the kitchen I have developed my own specialties: artisan breads, cookies, crackers, pizza, brewing kombucha, and most recently, bean to bar chocolate and raw honey from my backyard bees.



Hi Folks, I am adding a new item for the holidays: Artruck® Chocolate Chip Cookies

Why do we call them Artruck® Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Our friend and neighbor Julie Cowan, who is an incredibly talented artist, is also a visionary.  She had an idea to create a neighborhood art gallery featuring her art and the works of the many artists who live in and around Evanston.  Her idea was simple: Art, hang it up in a truck.  Sort of like a pop up gallery for a summer night. Julie and her husband rent two big U-Haul trucks, the ones with ramps going up into the truck.  Together, they would wire the trucks for light and hang between 20-30 pieces of art in each truck for viewing.

My contribution was to offer baked good to the folks who visited Artruck®.  We live right across the street from Julie so I just set up a table in our driveway and give away these cookies (and about 40 loaves of bread, one slice at a time!) throughout the event.  Before the night was over, all 300 cookies were gone. People would come by and ask: “Do you have any more of those chocolate chip cookies left?”  Artruck® has been going on for almost 10 years now, so at this point the cookies have developed a bit of a reputation.  People were asking for them.  They were memorable.  I was thrilled and honored they had garnered a reputation and we began calling them the Artruck® Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I hope you enjoy them as much as the visitors to Artruck® have over the years.

Note: They are baked fresh to order.  My goal is to have you pick them up no later than 12 hours after they are baked.  I store them in an airtight plastic zipper bag and then in a kraft paper bag for easier handling.  They freeze well so if you will not eat all of them within three days, you can put some in the freezer and remove as many as you will eat the next day and let them come to room temperature overnight.  Please text me when you would like to pick them up so I can bake them fresh for you.

$10 per dozen



Although not baking, a recent hobby is beekeeping. I have a few hives in my backyard and if everything goes right, I get honey. 

  • Fresh

  • Local

  • Raw

  • Unfiltered

1 lb. glass jars

$9 each or $8 each for 2 or more jars.

Also available in 1/2 lb. glass jars for $5 each





Chocolate has terroir. Cocoa beans develop unique flavors based on where they are grown. The mineral content of the soil, the angle of the sun, the amount of water, all of these things and more contribute to the individual taste of a bar of chocolate made exclusively from beans of a single location.  

The fun and challenging part is bringing out the flavors inherent in whatever beans I am working with. Will there be fruity notes? Floral or earthy notes?  Will it have a long lasting finish? All of these things are in the bean. It is the chocolate maker’s job to bring the strongest qualities of each location’s beans into the bar.

All Bond Chocolate is:

  • 70% dark

  • Small batch

  • Single origin

  • Cocoa beans, cane sugar, and just a touch of cocoa butter

$7.00 each or $6.00 each for 2 or more bars



Made with Spent Grain From Sketchbook Brewery

A crispy crunchy sourdough cracker made with 50% whole wheat that is freshly ground in my home mill.  Featuring spent grain from Sketchbook Brewery for even more flavor, fiber, and protein.  Topped with:

  • Coarse Salt

  • Freshly Ground Pepper

  • Sunflower Seeds

  • Pumpkin Seeds

  • Flax Seeds

  • Chia Seeds

  • Sesame Seeds

  • Poppy Seeds

6 oz. bag

$5.00 each



1500 Crain St. Evanston, IL 60202




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